Aspiring to become a manufacturer having a privileged technological standing by continuously developing its R&D studies in mechanical matters, T-Kalıp has focused on those products which have yet to be designed and manufactured with local capabilities.


Many of our designs worked out by our experienced team and computer aided design (CAD) software, geared towards domestic and overseas markets, have been turned into products after completing required tests successfully.


For the products designed by our company, which have patent and industrial design registration, the prominent ones are mine blast attenuating seats and mechanical interface product lines.


T-Kalıp uses the state-of-the-art CNC milling and turning centers and CNC swiss type automatic lathes in the production. Machining as well as operations such as press-shaping, welding and assembly are performed within the body of our company.


All stages of our production are realized with computer aided manufacturing (CAM) programs, and managed with the materials requirement planning (MRP) software of our ERP system.


With its trained and experienced personnel and technological infrastructure and with its products conforming to the international quality standards and military standards, T-Kalıp is one of Turkey’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of precision mechanical parts, subsystems and systems.


Our quality control section has experienced and trained personnel, as well as wide-ranging measuring capabilities such as 3-dimensional coordinate measuring (CMM), hardness measuring, surface roughness measuring, and paint-coat thickness measuring devices.


Our products are subjected to 100% inspection and tests in accordance with the international quality standards and military standards, and shipped to our customers together with related reports and certificates.


Those tests that cannot be realized within the body of our company are caused to be performed and certificated by independent laboratories.